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Aquaria Tech s.r.l. is a company in the aquariology trade that comes with the belief that the key to success is customer satisfaction. We pursue this goal offering to the companies who will contact us high quality brands and products at competitive prices and excellent service in all its steps, from order processing to delivery. Aquaria Tech is aimed at shops in the aquariology industry with an absolute innovation in the wholesale sector /b2b: e-commerce. The Web and our website allows you to make your order at any time of day or night, allowing you to organize your time as you wish. You can place your order once the store closed to the public, or maybe from home in a free time. Of course you can always ask for the presence of an agent in your shop to be followed in a traditional way and real time.


The e-commerce tool will allow you to choose when to carry out your orders in all the time you need to think about the best purchase to make, including the opportunity to purchase the quantity of goods you want. With us you can finally make your purchases online, using the most convenient and secure sales channels. Your dispatch will always be traceable and your investment will always be protected by our guaranteed transparency. We offer all this without sacrificing the convenience of human relations and direct line with the company: we are always available through all our media, to help you learn the peculiarities of our products, to help you choose or to secure assistance in the phases before and after purchase.


In fact, to products quality and excellent service, we add another trump card: an inexhaustible passion for the world of aquaria. Aquaria Tech s.r.l., in fact, is not managed by simple operators, or from people who have launched in the field without even ever having run an aquarium directly. Our company consists of true fans aquarists who think in terms of quality and achievement of best results in their tanks, first, and then trying to spread the best of what they found so that other hobbyists can take advantage of high quality products. This will ensure you can always ask for advice or technical information on a product and you will receive a competent response.