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  FAQ - Useful Questions

How do I register and what does it involve?

Registration is completely free and does not impose any obligation or constraint on both sides.

In order to make the request for access to the online store, the website requires two conditions without which the registration process won't be completed:

  1. be holding regular VAT
  2. be the holder of a Pet / Aquarium store

How do I register?

Click on "Register " in top right of the logo and follow the steps. After completion, you have to show an official document (the business profile, for example) that clearly established the membership of your company to the Pet Shop category and if it is in operation. You can simply send a scan of the document to our e-mail address and wait for enable access. As soon as we got to check out your membership in the industry, you will be registered (a mail will notify your registration and give you a password, generated automatically but easily modifiable in your client panel) and from that moment you can Log in.

What are the advantages from having a Business User account?

Once registered, all site content will be unlocked and you can make purchases in a simple, safe and intuitive way through our online Store, or just see the prices, promotions and product availability.

What payment methods are accepted?

Our system recognizes all major payment methods including bank transfers, credit cards through PayPal system and X-Pay, Postepay prepaid cards, payment on delivery.

What is the minimum amount for a purchase?

None. Aquaria Tech allows you to choose your goods with no minimum purchase restriction. Even the smallest of the orders will be served with all the professionalism that distinguishes us.

How do I place an order? What is the time of preparation and delivery?

Once registered you'll find these and many other information in evidence in our Store. Please sign in as soon as possible: you will be surprised by the simplicity and speed of service offered.