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Zeolite reactors
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Bubble-Magus – Rotolo di ricambio per filtri ARF-M e ARF-M G2
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Bubble-Magus - Water Level Valve
Price visible only to registered users
Bubble Magus – Skimmer Curve 29 per acquari da 1000 a 2500 L
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To take advantage of the promotion you will need to place an order with a taxable amount of 350€ or more.
The cost of transport will be calculated as follows:

  • Band 0-4kg 5.9€
  • Band 4-20Kg 9.9€
  • Band 20-50Kg 16.90€
  • Band 50-500Kg 19.9€
  • from 500Kg onwards 29.90€

*The offer is not valid for one-off purchases (e.g. salt, water, etc.).
*Chain shops are excluded
*Cannot be combined with other promotions
*The offer is valid per single pallet

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